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The keys are not included!

QingGear SKEY Key Organizer is the pocket organization tool designed to securely hold all your keys in one compact, rattle-free package. This model is great for those who want a design that is durable, but won’t weigh your pocket down. It comes with washer, removable pocket clip and a loop piece.

-Include 3 sets of screw:14mm,20mm,26mm(Length of the rods)-more practical no matter you have more or less keys.

-Include 2 pcs screw sleeve,you could also use only one side.

-Include 16 nylon rings.

-Include removeable pocket clip and key fob link

Comes with 3 different length screws to fit your keys quantity.

Suitable for various kinds ofkeys.You could use the key fob link to attach keys do not fit or other key tools.

If put the screw sleeve, you could use only one side which is perfect when you have only several keys.